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Septic Tank - emptying, cleaning, maintenance and installation

Root ingress from a junction which in time will cause reoccurring blockages. The camera is fitted with a sonar trace which allows us to locate the camera at ground level and pinpoint the location for excavation.

CCTV Surveys

Over time drains and sewers can deteriorate, for example ground movement, poor construction, tree root ingress etc.

Prevention is better than cure: An inspection of drains near to trees or of old drains could enable us to do maintenance and saves the cost of a full replacement.

We are on hand for any emergency, call us however small the problem - call free on 0808 595 9524 to see how we can help.


Septic Tank - emptying, cleaning, maintenance and installation

Other CCTV Applications

CCTV can also be used in conjunction with retrieval equipment to find objects which have accidentally fallen down toilet gullies and manholes. This picture shows a small crowbar that was lodged in a pipe from a previous drain clearance and was itself causing a new blockage - We located and removed the crowbar using CCTV and retrieval equipment

Septic tank system

CCTV can be used to inspect chimney liners before and after cleaning

CCTV is also a good way of checking the condition of pipe work prior to the construction of extensions and out buildings if they are close to existing drainage as it is far more cost effective to repair a drain prior to bulling work starting.

Drains under drives are vulnerable to damage from cars and other vehicles and a CCTV survey can be used to check for wear and tear.

A severe dip in pipe work due to leaking joints. Leaking water from the joint in this instance has caused undermining of the drainage pipe work causing water to hold at this point resulting in reoccurring blockages.

A section of excavated damaged 100mm PVC pipe from a pumped system. As the pipe work ran for 30M under a garden and driveway detecting the exact point to excavate was made easy by CCTV and sonar tracing.


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